The big buzz today is CREATIVITY in all its shapes, forms, applications and adoption. And now, because of our noisy, disruptive communication environment, we’re overwhelmed with advice, insights and direction. So who do you turn to for clear information on how best to understand the modern meaning of creativity and how to apply it to all aspects of both your events and your personal life?
Well take a look at our ICETALK programme and we think you’ll agree this a great development on the ICE Initiative’s commitment to unleashing your creative spirit.



Light breakfast and networking

ICEBreaker - DICE Game


Ken Robertson - Co-Founder ICE Initiatives

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Scott Morrison founder of Unleashtheboom and author of Creative Superpowers the modern skillset for creative problem solving will show us how to.

  • Unblock old thinking or behaviours that don't serve you or your business anymore
  • Unlock new opportunities that join the dots in new ways and make them real with actionable solutions
  • Unleash your team arming them with new tools, powerful ideas and the vision to make your business go Boom!

Scott Morrison founder of Unleashtheboom and author of Creative Superpowers 
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Callum will explain that if we are to succeed as successful businesses we need to seize the creative application of new technology. We can all offer excuses like no budget, not the right demographic or just ‘not there yet’, but the truth is if we don’t use digital marketing we aren’t going to be around for much longer. Generation Z, people born after 1996, are our future clients and have never known life without a smart phone, a touch screen or messaging. So, if we are going to communicate with them we need to use the new media.

Callum Gill Head of Insight & Innovation at DRP
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Coffee Break and Networking Session





PCMA Knowledge Exchange

We live in a world of brands - those that stand apart desire to be part of something greater. The synergistic interaction of brand impact, audience expectations and experience design is what all event producers strive for. Participants will hear and share stories on how to creatively integrate community advancement and event experiences to serve a greater brand purpose.

From a combination of presentations, roundtable discussions and interactive analysis you will:

  • Recognise how live events are a powerful vehicle to drive social and economic progress
  • Discover creative ways to design experiences to mobilise and strengthen communities
  • Explore which engagement channels can amplify your purpose in the eyes of your consumers

Jose’ Luis Lanchas Director Global Events SAP  
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Amy Funderburk
Senior Director Brand Experience SAP  - Read about Amy 




Lunch & Networking

Creative Art Desserts