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What are the award categories?

There are 11 categories


For more information on the Awards, please click here where you can find out more about each category.

How many events can be entered?

There is no limit on how many events or categories can be entered.

If you believe your event is suitable for multiple categories, you are most welcome to enter your event into more than 1 category. Please note however some categories the questions are very similar and it is important you tailor your answer to address the category you are entering for the best chance of winning.

Who should enter?

Corporate event planners or marketing teams who spend at least 70% of their day to day job role delivering, marketing and fulfilling a company’s events.

No matter the size of your team, whether in a large or small organization, you have an equal chance of winning.  The judges are looking to see if the event objectives were met and how you have answered the questions to demonstrate the event’s fulfillment of the criteria.

Please note: Financial figures are NOT required.  The event may have a budget of £50k or £1 million the award is judged on whether it has met its objective.  So 'Glam' is not essential.

Who cannot enter?

We accept entries from any corporate event planner. However, if you are an Agency or a Supplier you must enter on behalf of your client. If the entry is for the agency or supplier themselves this will be excluded. 

Entries made on behalf of a client must have the client attending on the night with the agency or supplier that entered them.

Industry Sectors

All sectors are welcome.

Is this for UK companies only

No, this is an international awards ceremony and we welcome entries from across the globe. In previous years we have had entries from UK, Germany, France, USA, Canada and Singapore.

How much does it cost

It is free of charge to enter your events. 

Attendance on the night

Attendance on the night is by confirmation of places and will not be open to individuals who have not confirmed their place. 

4 complimentary places are given per organisation ONLY, entered regardless of the number of the organisation’s events entered to the awards. These places are hosted by our sponsors & partners. 

Additional places can be purchased at a cost of £150 per individual to a maximum of 10 places.


The judges are selected from industry professionals who are assigned to an award category. The judges are independent and not linked to any of the entrants and have sign NDAs so no information is disclosed to any third party.  A list of our current judges can be found here.

Judging Process

Following the deadline for entries, the judges are sent login details where they can view your entry submitted entries including any supporting documents that have been supplied (PDFs and video content) with the entry and begin scoring each question on a scale of 1-5, 1 being poor 5 being excellent. 

Following individual scoring, judges then meet via telephone call 7 days later to discuss the entries and we advise who has scored the most. The judges then discuss the entries that are within top 3  and  1st, 2nd and 3rd places are agreed.  This final decision will not be announced until the night.