ICETALK is all about releasing your creativity.  We start with Scott Morrisson, founder of Unlesh the Boom, and author of Creative Superpowers the modern skill set for creative problem solving is our opening speaker.  Followed by:
Callum GillHead of Insight & Innovation,Drp
Jose Luis Lanchas, Director Global Events, SAP

Amy Funderburk, Senior Director Brand Experience, SAP


At our recent ICEDAY our speakers spoke passionately about everyone’s creative ability. It was highlighted that everyone is born with a high level of creative talent. Granted some are blessed with amazing natural skills, but we all have creativity flowing through our veins from day one. Unfortunately, as we get older we loose our creative confidence and consequently convince ourselves that we are not as creative as we could be.


Kim Myers, talking at ICEDAY, told a nice story about one of his workshops where he tasked his delegates to close their eyes and draw a camel. Almost everyone managed to draw a good likeness of the classic two hump version. He then asked everyone, with their eyes wide open, to draw FUN. Turned out to be a big struggle and not one drawing had the same image. 
Did you know it takes over a million muscles to frown and only one to laugh out loud?
(something like that).


So, we believe it’s no coincidence that as happy, carefree children we embrace creativity as a given and only as we get longer in the tooth that our creative juices start to dry up. So at our next ICETALK we will be listening to creative gurus explaining how we can recapture our natural creative energy and how to best use it, plus having some fun around some interactive stuff.

Participation is by invitation only, but if you feel you qualify as a senior/global director of corporate events then please get in touch support@ice-hub.biz