At the core of all ICE activities is our mantra BETTER TOGETHER.
And that’s across all aspects of Corporate Event creation and delivery, from external providers, partners and mentors through to the internal units of corporate organisations.
To help us achieve our goals, ICE use the five set of values below which we implement across all our initiatives. 

Everyone everywhere needs to be recognised for who they are and what they do.

Sadly, in today’s hectic world individuals are often taken for granted resulting in low self-esteem and demotivation.

At ICE we are committed to ensuring that our community receives the recognition they deserve.
You don’t need to be a psychoanalyst to know what affect a pat on the back can achieve. At ICE we are constantly looking for ways to reward our community for their fantastic contributions, whether it’s a small gesture like a drink on us or our Global ICEAWARDS.
We are surrounded by so many opportunities to be inspired. Too many!
At ICE we endeavour to discover and share inspiring stories, references and mentors to enhance our community’s personal and business growth.
As world connectivity accelerates at an incredible pace it’s disturbing that individuals are becoming more tribal in their behaviour often existing in protective silos.
Through our total commitment to sharing, ICE is determined to open up healthy dialogue to create receptive, empowered individuals both commercially and emotionally.
You may think this is a bit soppy but we certainly don’t. It’s a well-known fact that Corporate Event professionals are prone to a disproportionate level of stress which can lead to all sorts of negative outcomes.
At ICE, through sharing and caring, we want to help our community understand they are not on their own and often a simple thing like a chat or problem shared can help individuals see through their emotional challenges.
If you love our values, why not join our community?
Everyone can be part of the ICE Community however at any event, 70% of the audience will always be corporate planners. Please click on the relevant link below to find out more information.
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