Most Effective Agency Collaboration Award

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Martin Clarke

Marketing Director, The NEC



The Judge Comments

Our panel decided unanimously on the winner due to the excellent submission standard that was consistent throughout and the team should be highly commended on the superiority of their entry.

The market background particularly struck a chord with its honesty and directness – the language was powerful in its simplicity and the section was succinct with a measured explanation of the brief with the clear directives and an obvious sense of expectation.

They quoted both the passion that drove them forward but also made clear reference to the requirement for a “legacy”. This was obviously not just a single event but there was a need for a lasting impression, reaching long after the conference.

Evidence of this was detailed while not being over explained – like the entire submission, it was felt that there was a focus on giving concise and well constructed dialogue that led you through their journey.

The organising team reacted on historical attitudes and opinions and showed the impact of the content with some amazing ROI statistics.

Additional information and documentation cemented any doubts that not only was this event a success but it would lay the foundations for a change in corporate identity and working practices.

Case Study

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