Best Leadership Award 

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Microgaming - ICE London 2019

2nd Place

EY - UK&I Partners' Conference 2018

3rd Place

Slaughter & May - General Counsel Programme Dinner 2018


Slaughter & May - General Counsel Programme Dinner 2018
EY - UK&I Partners' Conference 2018
Microgaming - ICE London 2019
Connections - Connections California

Judges' Comments

The winning Microgaming paper demonstrated leadership in the sector by creating a more sustainable stand, without compromising on its ability to provide comfort or make an impact at ICE London, which is the online gaming industry’s largest trade show.

Working as a collaborative and inspired team, where everyone had known specific roles, Microgaming successfully delivered all the eco initiative objectives.

In 2018 Microgaming provided around 5,000 plastic-coated cups and lids and 1,800 plastic bottles, which was mostly sent for general refuse disposal.

This year Microgaming served approximately 2,600 Vegware cups, 1,700 watering cans and 150 compostable goblets, showing tangible waste reduction and improvements in recycling. In addition, 65% of the stand’s graphics will be used to create community facilities.

20% of the carpet was also donated to a local animal charity, AID Rescue.

So, in terms of positive impact, the project has clearly demonstrated leadership in the sector, ensuring a reduction in the waste going to landfill or for burning and has benefitted the local community.

It also has benefited Microgaming’s reputation, both internally and externally including coverage in Gaming Intelligence, Casino Beats and Calvin Ayre.

It is now hoped that the competitors will follow the leadership shown by Microgaming in also adopting some of these eco initiatives.

The paper had a well thought-out structure, a simple organisation of the inspiring leadership content and good presentation of the written component. As well as providing relevant context and background, it was also self-contained and presented robust measurement figures, linked back to objectives. And demonstrated strong engagement from the team. Ultimately, it was a combination of these factors that helped it win against some strong competition.

Mike Phillipson
Blitz GES

Katie Clarke
The Fresh Group
Director of Client Relationships

Leigh Cowlishaw 
Managing Director
Winning Edges