Gina Collman is AWE’s head of Marketing and Brand. She is responsible for managing AWE’s external profile across a number of channels. With a background in financial services and experience of delivering a portfolio of events, both nationally and internationally, when the opportunity arose to mastermind a family event on a nuclear licensed site – something which had never been done before – with all the logistical challenges that went with it, she jumped at it. Her aim was to bring the CEO’s vision to life by creating an experiential event on campus, all of which was achieved and the success of the event was evidenced by the overwhelming positive feedback.


Dr Jenny Boxwell is the Head of Delivery for the Materials Programme, within Underpinning Technology, at AWE. She is responsible for managing the delivery of a £6M technically complex portfolio of materials science projects to time, quality and cost.

In 2017 Jenny was approached to be the Project Manager for the FD17 event – an opportunity she enthusiastically accepted. Jenny, alongside an incredibly solution-focused and diverse Team, delivered an exceptional Family Day event – overcoming a number of logistical challenges and short timescales, and meeting the CEO’s vision – and within 2% of budget.