How much time do you have to think about your personal brand and development?  Always too busy to reflect on creative event ideas? How often do you take time to look back and think if only I had done that? Finding time for these so called indulgencies is a challenge, but now you only need to put aside a few hours to find out how to create time, learn from a mistake and generally develop BRAND ME.

The ICEDAY starts at 1pm and goes through to 7pm. It is followed by the ICEAWARDS event which ends at 11pm. 

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During the day there will be 4 campfire sessions covering the following topics.

*Dina Washington 1959


Brand Me

How to develop and deliver your own personal brand values and behave them at work and play.


Here’s the idea!

Selling creativity into your business units. How to clear the hurdles?


If only!

Things I wished I had done and why – case study format.


Artificial is real!

How to adopt AI to achieve memorable and successful events.

Each session will last for 20 minutes and are repeated over 2 hours. You will have the opportunity to network and develop meaningful relationships fellow in-house corporate planners across different industry sectors.  It is the smart way to get recognised within the corporate event sector.

After the campfire session, if you have entered the awards, you and 3 of your colleagues are invited to attend the very successful ICEAWARDS Ceremony