In today’s overpowering cacophony of information, news, fake news and straight up lying, it’s really difficult to cut through to the information you need for whatever purpose be it business or lifestyle.

It’s time to learn to listen effectively and deliver your messages clear and simply. It’s time to embrace COMMUNICATION in its truest form.

At ICEDAY, this year we have a fantastic spread of speakers and participants telling us about how they are communicating effectively within their in-house corporate events, life and business.

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During the day there will be 2 keynote address and 5 corporate organisation who will go into detail about how they run their leadership, sponsorship acitivation, roadshows etc.  It will give you great insight on how these types of events are run. 


How good communication helps deliver the best event in the world!

Our Keynote speaker will outline the importance of good communication in developing and delivering an international event.  She will explore the ups and downs and share key insights into this international brand


How did you do it!

So five of our previous award entrants will present in detail their event.  They will share the internal measurement and communications they used to deliver a brilliant event


From you to me

Very clever In-house Corporate Events Professionals share, through storytelling, some of their life shifting memories.

After the session, if you have entered the awards, you and 3 of your colleagues are invited to attend the very successful ICEAWARDS Ceremony




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