As art subjects are slowly stripped out of the National Curriculum it doesn’t bode well for creativity in business. Already a difficult element to justify in the Event Mix, creativity needs more exposure and understanding not less! However, quantifying a creative concept from inception to delivery and beyond is no easy task. Which is one of the driving reasons behind the launch of ICETALK, which is a thought leadership event where 20 Global Corporate Event Directors will gather together for a morning brainstorming session to share experiences and future gaze the role of creativity in Corporate Events.


Attendance is by invitation only, however we will be keeping everyone posted on developments and outcomes.


At this time the following is the structure of the morning


What is Creativity? 

You say potato and I say potaaato. Everyone’s idea of what is creativity is totally individual. Some see it as a very specific skill whilst others see it as an attitude or behavior. In this session leading creatives from inside and outside the events world will share their views and direct adoption.


Applying Creativity to events. 

‘Believe yourself and the potential that you have for creative prowess. Event planners are problem solvers and creativity is an extension of those skills.’ Lorne Armstrong The Event Academy

Challenging global event directors to nurture and inspire creativity in their teams.


Selling Creativity into business units.

‘Never let the designer get in front of the client, they’ll go all prima donna and mess up the pitch’. So went the mantra back in the day. Whereas today’s creatives are much more business savy and carry a lot more weight in the delivery of creative concepts. So how do you pitch a subjective idea to bean counters? With the help of renowned designers we will be endeavoring to find out.