Best International Event Award

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ITV Studios House at MIPCOM


ITV Studios House at MIPCOM
BBC for Joe & Caspar Hit The Road USA
World Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Baker Tilly International


Deborah Kelly

Business Development Manager - UK, London & Partners

Adam Pike

Head of Events, Saville Audio Visual

Adrian Frantom

Consultant, Production Bureau


The Judges’ Comments

This was a unanimous decision as this solution, showed a focus on doing things differently and creating a statement for ITV Studios to support the needs of the business at MIPCOM.

In the judges view the submission showed the following attributes

  • A commitment to innovation – changing the experience at MIPCOM for ITV through building a creative and different structure.
  • A focus on the strategic needs of ITV Studios - which governed the design and delivery of the environment.
  • An innovative mindset - which provided a solution to broke through the norm and deliver creativity
  • A measurable project – there were clear measurement criteria, which enabled ITV to gauge the success of the event and to build a strong case for continued investment
  • A real unified collaboration between all parties involved, which led to delivering a creative & bespoke solution


Highlights include

The design delivered

  • Meeting pod capacity increased by 44%
  • Meeting room capacity by 200%
  • Restaurant capacity increased by 64%
  • Overall standing event capacity 165%
  • Branding opportunities increased by 681%

Year on year, the project delivered

  • 46% increase on sales meetings held at MIPCOM year on year
  • 90% increase in brand perception
  • 70% of all MIPCOM attendees visited ITV Studios House.
  • ITV Studios location was rated 93% by attendees
  • Year on year, client attendance increased by 40%