22 AUGUST 2019


This is just an idea which someone mentioned at ICE.  So the plan is to meet 6 times in the year.  ICETRIBE is an informal group of like-minded corporate buddies who will meet for a little glass in a relaxed environment to chill and just have some fun whilst sharing knowledge.  

If you attended ICE19 your enamel badge is all you need to bring.  Please feel free to invite other In-House Corporate Events planners to the TRIBE.  Any new tribe buddies will receive the Blue Star badge when they arrive at the bar.   ICE will put the first drink behind the bar and then the rest is up to you!

Just click here to give us an idea on numbers.  The first event is on 22 August and starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm.

Rules of the TRIBE 

DO NOT invite people that don’t get our mantra of having fun whilst sharing and gaining great knowledge!  No hand-holding needed. Encourage them to fly and get to know other fellow corporates.