Unsung Hero Award

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Natalie Corbett - Stroke Association

2nd Place

Heather Taylor - KFC

3rd Place

Zoe Bond - Dunn Humby


Zoe Bond - Dunn Humby
Heather Taylor - KFC
Natalie Corbett - Stroke Association

Judges' Comments

The Stroke Association’s entry for their Unsung Hero immediately radiates pride, support and a clear human element to what is required when delivering a live event.
Natalie’s contribution to the event reads nothing short of wholehearted. It is evident that she met all of her expected tasks with aplomb but also did it with great personal gusto.
Her colleagues have nominated her because they saw how she gave above and beyond to create an atmosphere of great positivity considering her debut in the event world.
She obviously took the part to heart and gave it life …nothing beats the human touch at a live event regardless of its agenda.

Congratulations Natalie!


Anna Fenton
Marketing Director

Greg Pittard
Managing Director

France Lythcott
New Black Events