Best Use of Technology Award

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ITV - ITV Studios Global Entertainment Drama Festival 

2nd Place

EY - EYWN Female Enterpreneurship Dinner

3rd Place

CROC - Darwin Day


CROC - Darwin Day
EY - EYWN Female Enterpreneurship Dinner
ITV - ITV Studios Global Entertainment Drama Festival 

Judges' Comments
In such a strongly contested category the winners demonstrated how they went above and beyond to utilise every single element of technology at their disposal within the event industry.
This not only enabled them to provide a great experience for everyone who attended, but also, carefully picking each individual area of technology to best exploit and showcase the content they had created.
This had been custom made to run across multiple media servers to ensure the viewing is as dynamic as possible across a full three hundred and sixty degree angle.
Using technology in this way demonstrated how they applied this to best suit the many obstacles they faced with creating the event in such a unique space with so many different timeframes and challenges present within the environment.
Their application and synergy formed these together into an immersive journey that really highlighted technology at its best and at its most effective when used in this way.
This resulted in a truly technology centric journey that is not only visually impactful but highlights why they are the rightful winners of this category.

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Adam Pike
Project Director

Soraya Drost
Business Development Manager
World Forum

Lowell Cabual
Head of Sales & Business Development